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Real lesbians don’t blog

Let’s ease back in with a nice uncontroversial topic: lesbian bloggers.

The bummer is that any real closet lesbian in Syria thinking of starting a blog right now is going to have problems. “Oh yeah! Sure “sister.” What college fraternity do YOU belong to?”

I never thought the stereotype about women hanging around waiting for men to do the job right applied to blogging. Humanity’s screwed.

Note: information on the subject is not exactly easy to get but I don’t think being a lesbian in Syria actually breaks any local laws. The tendency of human rights groups to have a blanket “LGBT” label means that severe persecution of homosexual men (Syria officially has the death penalty for gay men) drowns out any relative degree of laissez-faire concerning women. In practice, the problem is family rejection, just like everywhere else.

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  1. Paul Marks
    Posted 2011/06/15 at 6:30 pm | Permalink

    In the West homosexual activists (thankfully activists are only small minority of any group of human beings) have made common cause with the Islamists (particularly in the United States – “they hate America, we hate America, THEREFORE WE ARE ALLIES ON THE LEFT” seems to be the level of “reasoning” involved). In the Middle East itself homosexuals know better what to expect from the Islamists.

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